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Book yourself and your employees onto these bespoke, inclusive art workshops where no experience or artistic brilliance is necessary.

Staff can enter a safe environment of enjoyable expression to explore the therapeutic benefits of art, as a way of releasing the tensions and stresses of their busy working lives.

Laughter, relaxation, creativity and mindful art practice are the order of the day.

We are aware that NHS staff, collectively have enormous responsibilities on a daily basis. Added to this health-workers work in the area of care, empathy and compassion: a big demand, particularly when it is clear that they are under greater pressure than ever before.

 According to The Clinical Services Journal ‘66% of those working in healthcare reported suffering from significant levels of work-related stress' (2018)

There is a fast-developing body of scientific research detailing the significant, positive impact of art practice on mental health and wellbeing. 


Art offers a dynamic, inclusive range of activities to deal with this and allows the brain to produce happy hormones that help release stress. 

Stella delivers a unique set of workshops that will offer employees an opportunity to step away from these pressures and create art in a fun and supportive environment. 

In a study measuring the body's main stress hormone... 'cortisol levels were lowered after art making for approximately 75% of the sample.' Girija KaimalKendra Ray, and Juan Muniz

NHS healthcare people enjoying an art workshop


  • Workshops to release the stress of busy working lives.

  • No artistic expertise or experience required.

  • Tailored to clients wellbeing goals.

  • Fun, supportive atmosphere.

  • Explore and learn new skills.

  • Strengthen team bonds.  

  • Develop mindfulness through creative expression.

  • Covering the three counties region.

“Stella recently ran a wellbeing workshop for staff at my busy GP surgery. The session was brilliant! Stella was so warm and encouraging that even those who were initially worried they ‘weren’t creative’ got carried away with the afternoon and came away feeling relaxed and very positive.”
Ms Iona Hays, Practice Partner, Leckhampton Surgery

“There was lots of laughter throughout and this session definitely helped rejuvenate the team with a little time away from such a busy work environment.”

Staff member

What to Expect

  • A tailor made programme for either a morning, afternoon or whole day or a set number of hours.

  • You provide the space: all you need is a room with tables and chairs for all participants to sit at eg conference room/meeting room

  • All materials are provided

  • The session will consist of a variety of drawing and painting/creative tasks that will challenge but not intimidate.

  •  The activities allow colleagues to work in groups, pairs and as individuals. 

  • All elements are designed to be accessible to all and are not dependent on any previous artistic experience. 

  • The aim is to 1)  build stronger, more harmonious working relationships; enhancing productivity within the workplace. 2) Create an environment where staff can decompress and let go of work/personal stress

  • A link to a leaflet detailing some tools for exploring this further is available for each attendee. 

  • 10% discount for NHS organisations


  • All paper, that isn't kept by attendees, is taken away by Stella and recycled. 

  • Recycled paper and card and other materials are used where possible

  • Paints are disposed of responsibly

  • Leaflet to follow up tasks are available as a download to avoid waste

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