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5th June - 10th July


These classes are live and are run from Tredington Village Hall GL20 7BP, on the Stoke Orchard Rd. near Tewkesbury, Cheltenham and Gloucester. They are run in 6 week terms.


Perfect for those just starting out or getting back into painting. You will learn how to mix colours and use watercolour and acrylic techniques. You will also learn sketching skills and how to compose your own paintings. You will be supported by a professional artist and teacher who will guide you through each part of the process.


Cost: £98 per term plus £10 per term for materials, if you choose to do so. (Most students prefer to do this as everything from paper and pencils to all paints is provided and it means they can focus on the lesson. Payment can be made by selecting 'Materials Fee' on the opening page of 'Classes') All students are offered a list of materials they may like to purchase if they want to continue their journey at home etc.

Summer Term Wednesday Art Class 5th June-10thJuly

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